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Your Orlando Fishing Charter will usually start in the morning. However, the time may change depending on the time of year. We typically meet up at one of the local bait and tackle stores where I will do a brief meet and greet. After that, I will purchase all the necessary items for the trip. Once I have everything we need, I will have you follow me out to the Mosquito Lagoon.

After arriving at the Mosquito Lagoon, I will launch the boat and drive around the Lagoon in an attempt to locate the always-popular redfish. The redfish can be spotted by the “tall tale” sign of waves pushing on the surface as they try to avoid the boat that is coming towards them. At this point of the fishing charter, we will then bait up the rods with baits of choice which could be shrimp, ladyfish, mullet, or live pinfish. It really just depends on the day and what the fish are eating. We will then attempt to present these baits on our fishing lines as offerings to the fish in order to hook them on the lines.

At the end of the fishing charter, we will go back to the boat ramp where I will put the boat on the trailer and head back to where we first met. When we get back to the bait shop, I will then clean and prepare the fish for you to take back and eat after your fishing charter has concluded.

The fishing charters that I have given over the years having become highly recommended and makes for the perfect fishing trip for anglers interested in the Orlando area. Contact me today to get your next Orlando Fishing Trip started.

types of fish

Anglers participating in Deep Sea Orlando Fishing Charters potentially catch Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, Wahoo and Cobia just to name a few. Deep sea fish are often known for a spectacular fighting show for the angler using big game tackle. Fresh Grouper Snapper or Cobia is also known to be the main entrée for an outstanding dinner. The taste of fresh fish from the deep sea has few comparisons.

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