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Hello everyone! Welcome to Orlando Fishing Charters. If you are looking for a fishing charter that is just fifteen minutes from Orlando, while on your vacation in sunny Florida, look no further. When you first arrive to the Orlando area, you will notice how beautiful our saltwater way system is. Our water way system is so clean you can see all the way down to the bottom. The water is so clear that while on many fishing charters in Orlando, you will be able to see the amazing fish that you can potentially catch well before the bait touches the water.


So many of you out there would like to know what you can catch while fishing our inshore lagoon system. Well by far the most popular is the Redfish. Now there are also a lot of other species that inhabit the Mosquito Lagoon system that includes Tarpon, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Sea Trout, Grouper Pompano, and some massive Catfish. With that many fish that you can possibly catch, who does not want to go fishing?

Fisherman that are wanting to do some deep sea fishing in Orlando can also hope to catch a large number of species as well while on a fishing charter. Kingfish, Wahoo and Cobia are some of the main species that we will target while fishing nearshore if you choose to go that route. Much like the Famous Redfish that are caught while fishing inshore in Mosquito Lagoon, you can expect that these fish will fight unbelievably well. In case you are unaware these fish are also a amazing entrée for the dinner table. There are very few fish that tastes quite as well as these do.

Well guys with all that being said, I hope to hear from you soon in regards to booking an Orlando fishing charter. From now and ’till then, if you have any questions as to how to go about booking a amazing fishing trip of a lifetime, do not hesitate to call as I well be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the trip. Until then tight lines everyone!


Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon is a unique fishing experience. Mosquito Lagoon is a shallow saltwater estuary located on the Space coast that many locals choose to fish when they go fishing near Orlando. The estuary provides opportunity to observe manatees, dolphins and all kinds of exotic birds and wildlife while waiting for the big line tug that signals the big one. I have over twenty years’ experience as a fishing guide in Orlando and around Mosquito Lagoon. I have extensive experience helping the angler locate and catch Redfish, Trout, Tarpon, Snook, Cobia, and Sharks of all kinds while fishing near Orlando in the shallow waters of Mosquito Lagoon

Fish Types Mosquito Lagoon

types of fish

Anglers participating in a Deep Sea Orlando Fishing Charters can potentially lead to catching Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, Wahoo and Cobia just to name a few. Deep sea fish are often known for a spectacular fighting show for the angler using big game tackle. Fresh Grouper Snapper or Cobia is also known to be the main entrée for an outstanding dinner. The taste of fresh fish from the deep sea has few comparisons.