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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing & Tours

The Mosquito Lagoon is a wildlife estuary that contains many forms of wild life including birds, alligators, hogs, turkeys, deer, bobcats, and panthers, among many others. While journeying out to Mosquito Lagoon on one of our saltwater fishing charters, you can encounter some of these wild life while driving on the road leading to the lagoon. Many of my Orlando Fishing Charter clients will stop to take photographs of the wild life as we head out to fish in the Mosquito Lagoon.

When we arrive to the Mosquito Lagoon for your fishing charter, the first thing you will notice is just how beautiful and pristine the water clarity is. There are no man-made structures out there of any kind, besides the back roads made for the mosquito control canals. While fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon, you will also notice all sorts of exotic looking fish swimming in the water. Often times, you will feel like reaching into the water just to catch a fish by hand. Some of the fish you see while on your Mosquito Lagoon fishing charter are redfish, trout, black drum, snapper, stingrays, blowfish, catfish and sometimes bull sharks and sawfish.

The unique fishing opportunities that you can find in the Mosquito Lagoon are ones you will be sure to remember for many years to come.

Mosquito Lagoon

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